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Be Safe Not Sorry – Drink Drug Detector

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Drink Drug Detector

Make Drink Cop Drug Detector Cards your travel companion.  Protect yourself from organ theft with Drink Cop drink drug detector. So many people are packing up and heading for a well deserved vacation.  Well, so are the criminals.  People need to be aware of this well organized ring of skilled criminals targeting travelers.

This is how it works.  A traveler goes to a bar for a drink.  Someone starts to chat with the traveler maybe even buy him or her a drink.  The last thing the traveler remembers is sipping that fatal drink.

The traveler then awakes in a bathtub full of ice with a note instructing him or her not to move and call 911 immediately or they will die!  The traveler kidney was just removed.

It is important to protect yourself every way possible.  That is why I carry my Drink Cop drug detector testing cards with me wherever I go!


  1. Al

    Thank you for writing this post. So scary but true! When people travel they are more at ease and susceptible to this potential crime. Definitely buying drink cop and taking it with me when I travel!