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Drink Cop – Drug Detector 20 Test Kit (10 cards/20 Tests)
Test your drink for the presence of illicit drugs (date rape drugs) GHB and Ketamine with these revolutionary testing cards.  These necessary test kits are only 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" inches, fit easily into your purse or pocket.  Take Drink Cop with you everywhere you go.
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Drink Cop Drug Detector – 2 Tests on a Single Card

Detect GHB and Ketamine (Date Rape Drugs)

Test kit contains 2 tests, 2 tests per card, 1 card.  Comes in a handy booklet for your convenience.  
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Drug Detector Coaster 2 Tests Per Coaster
Drug Detector Coaster 2 Tests Per Coaster
Each Drink Cop Drug Detector Coaster has 2 tests per coaster.  The back of the coaster has complete instructions for use. Measurements:  4” x 4” inches.  
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Drug Detector CUSTOM Coaster 2 Tests Per Coaster (Order Minimum 500 Pieces)

Detect GHB and Ketamine

Prices for customized coasters with graphics and text are based on customer supplied artwork.  
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